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The Bird's top picks: Best places to get unique and affordable UTSA gear.

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Next in our "Bird's top picks" series, we dive into our favorite places to get affordable UTSA apparel and gear.

One of the most frustrating things about being a UTSA fan is the lack of merchandise options. The campus bookstore has a great selection but the prices are outrageous! I'm a student, I don't have $50 to spend on a single UTSA shirt. Along with this, it's difficult to find cool and unique gear.

So what's a UTSA fan to do if they want to rep their school without giving up an arm and a leg?

Here's our list of some great places to find unique and affordable UTSA gear.

Meep Meep Nation is by far one of the best places to get unique UTSA apparel. Their catalog, which is constantly being updated and expanded, includes fun and unique options that won't break the bank. On top of their great options and affordable prices, when you shop with MMN you get the added benefit of directly supporting UTSA athletes. MMN signed one of the first NIL deals in the country and the first at UTSA with RB Sincere McCormick. McCormick receives a majority share of profits off of all "RUN3MC" apparel.

Upgrade your UTSA gear all while supporting UTSA athletes and getting a great deal with Meep Meep Nation!


H-E-B UTSA Roadrunner Shop

The H-E-B located on IH-10 and De Zavala is the second best physical shop with only the campus bookstore being better. That being said, H-E-B's "UTSA Roadrunner Shop" boasts a selection of UTSA gear not offered at the bookstore and at an even better price. The Roadrunner Shop was opened in the Spring of 2015 and has been providing UTSA fans with great affordable gear since then. At its opening, UTSA alumna and H-E-B Public Affairs Director, Dya Campos said of the shop, "H-E-B has always had a longstanding relationship with UTSA and we're proud to be in Roadrunner country. We're excited to be able to give our customers the opportunity to take their UTSA Roadrunner pride to the next level." The UTSA Roadrunner Shop carries women's, men's, and children's apparel, along with souvenirs and tailgating gear all at a great price. As they say, "No store does more than my H-E-B".



While their UTSA shop is not nearly as impressive as H-E-B's, the Walmart on IH-10 and De Zavala still boasts a decent and varied selection of UTSA gear. The main allure of Walmart is their low prices. This, along with their proximity to campus makes them a perfect place for students and fans to grow their collection of UTSA gear.


Alamodome Audible

As part of another NIL deal made with a Roadrunner athlete, Alamodome Audible has started selling t-shirts featuring the brand they designed for QB Frank Harris. You can find the shirts at their online store.


The Roadrunner Express

Located in the Student Union Paseo, the Roadrunner Express is a student run store that offers the cheapest prices on campus. The Express is a bit of a campus hidden gem with most students not even knowing that it exists. The store offers merchandise that is designed by students, along with testing supplies, graduation gear and VIA bus passes. While the Roadrunner Express probably has the lowest prices of all the options on our list, their selection is limited and not updated very often. However, that being said, it is still an excellent option for those on a tight budget.


Etsy Shops

Last, but certainly not least, Etsy shops. Etsy is an online marketplace where creators can sell their handmade products. On the site or app, you can search through thousands of products made by small businesses. This is where you will perhaps find the most unique, interesting, and fun UTSA gear. Depending on the item, prices are often low and products are usually handmade with a quality you can't get anywhere else. Support your school and small businesses by shopping on Etsy.

Here are a couple of our favorite Etsy shops that sell UTSA merch and also happen to be owned by UTSA students:

Twitter: @chap_chattels

Twitter: @hannahkacher


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