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The Bird's Top Picks

Looking for some new local places to try? This is the first entry in our new series "The Bird's Top Picks" where we will highlight some of our favorite local spots! Here is our list of five of our favorite local restaurants that y'all might not know about.

#1 Aguascalientes

15409 White Fawn Dr, San Antonio, TX 78255

(210) 695-2922


Taqueria Aguascalientes is by far the best Mexican restaurant readily available to UTSA students. Located directly across from Main Campus, Aguascalientes, or “Aguas” as my family and I refer to it, offers authentic “Tex-Mex” food at an extremely affordable price. I personally have been coming here with my family for as long as I can remember. Aguas serves as your perfect breakfast taco spot before you go in for your 8am class that you now regret signing up for. And guess what, when you inevitably sleep in and miss said 8am class, Aguas will be there to make you feel better.


#2 Singh's Vietnamese

Mary's, 2803 N St Mary's St, San Antonio, TX 78212


Instagram: @singhs_sa


There are not enough words in the human vocabulary to properly describe how much I love Singh’s Vietnamese. Originally started as a food truck located across from UTSA, Singh’s has grown into one of the best and trendiest restaurants in San Antonio. Located on the St. Mary’s strip, Singh’s is best described by chef and co-owner Louis Singh as “A mother’s southern Vietnamese recipes as told by her Texan son”. The menu is fairly simple and is comprised of “Vietnamese soul food” as well as sake and other drinks from the in house bar. My personal favorites off the menu are the Brisket with Rice, the “Singh’s Winghs”, and the Brisket Banh Mi. However, don’t let the Vietnamese food names scare you off, staff at Singh’s are extremely friendly and are more than happy to help you navigate the menu. If you are weary to try the restaurant because you don’t know what Vietnamese cuisine entails, I completely understand. That was me when I first heard of Singh’s. I beg you though to step out of your comfort zone and give Singh’s a try at least once and I promise you that you will not regret it. The restaurants location on St. Mary’s street also makes it the perfect pre-game meal before you venture out to the strip to begin your night of bar-hopping adventures.


#3 The Cracked Mug

14743 Old Bandera Rd. Unit 1 Helotes, TX 78023


Instagram: @crackedmughelotes


Located in a re-purposed house in Old Town Helotes, The Cracked Mug is by far my favorite coffee house. The atmosphere is so peaceful and welcoming and provides the perfect morning getaway to start your day. While known for their coffee, their menu also includes lemonades, teas, and other refreshing drinks along with some delicious brunch options. My favorites off the menu are the “Old Town Turtle”, a latte made with caramel, butter pecan, and chocolate. Along with the lavender lemonade which is perhaps the most refreshing drink that has ever graced my lips. If you’re looking for a new coffee/study spot that provides you with a peaceful get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life then search no more, The Cracked Mug is the spot for you.


#4 The Study Space

7280 UTSA Blvd Unit 101

San Antonio, TX 78249


Instagram: @studyspacesa


Having opened in the summer of 2020, the Study Space has quickly become a new go to spot for UTSA students looking for a place to chill with friends. The difference between the Study Space and other coffee spots is night and day. Literally. By day it’s the perfect spot for students looking study or to get their morning coffee/brunch fix. By night, it transitions into a fun bar spot for students looking to unwind after a long day of work and school. Their morning/day menu boasts a variety of unique drink options. Whether you are looking to get a hot cup of coffee, or a delicious fresh squeezed juice, the Study Space has what you need. Also included with their robust and unique drink menu, are some baked goods and brunch options. Students can order their morning cup of coffee with a breakfast plate and relax in one of the many comfortable reclining chairs while studying for an exam in their next class. At night their menu transitions to dinner items and bar food a long with offering numerous drinks from their full bar which includes 32 beers on tap. You can finish off your day by grabbing some drinks with your buddies and participating in some of the events the venue hosts. Start and end your day at The Study Space!


#5 Holy Smoke BBQ + Taquitos Food Truck

Location changes


Instagram: @holysmokesa


There are few things better in this world than food truck barbeque, and San Antonio has some of the best. One of our favorite local BBQ trucks is called Holy Smoke BBQ + Taquitos. Now I could write a short blurb about how their brisket is immaculate and their Holy Mac is life changing, but instead I'm just point you to their their Instagram (@holysmokesa), and there’s no way that you won’t be convinced to give them a try.


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