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HEB's Honey Sopapilla Ice Cream Review

HEB has awesome products. Hill Country Fare and HEB Brand products have made up a majority of my pantry and fridge for all of my life. Yesterday, my friendly neighborhood HEB announced a new Spurs Fiesta Themed Sherbert. I was excited, San Antonio was excited, South Texas was excited. It's the Spurs and HEB and Ice Cream (kinda) what's not to love?

In the typical San Antonio fashion, when I went to HEB to buy my half-gallon of Spurs Sherbert they were sold out. I shuddered, hoping that maybe they had one of the small pints of the magic frozen treat? no dice. So, I looked around the ice cream aisle cause I still wanted something cold and sweet and then my eyes saw this beauty:

I mean just look at this carton. It's colorful, the bears are adorable, it has Mexican design influences, and South Texas design influences and it tells you exactly what this product is.

But the ultimate question is, how does it taste?

It's delicious. Like the carton says, it's made up of cinnamon ice cream, sopapilla chunks, and a swirl of honey. The best part about this ice cream is that you get a taste of all three of those flavors with every single spoonful. The cinnamon and honey play so well as ice cream, and the chunks of sopapilla soak up so much flavor.

Is it super rich and full of enough sugar to give an elementary school a sugar high till Valentine's Day? yes, but that's what sopapillas are. They're a decadent, crazy delicious, but also totally attainable treat. It's fried bread, cinnamon sugar, and honey on top. It's every Tex-Mex meals perfect ending, and every San Antonio kid's favorite dessert. This ice cream reminds me of late-night post-Antonian Volleyball games at Aldaco's in Stone Oak or Saturday afternoon lunches at Los Barrios off Blanco. This ice cream transported me back to being a 3rd grader whose mom wanted to stay talking with her friends for another hour so she ordered me a plate of hot sticky sweet sopapillas.

I'm sure the Spurs Sherbert is great. The Carton is awesome, and I'm a sucker for anything Fiesta themed, but I don't see how lime, orange, and strawberry can matchup to sopapilla ice cream. This ice cream tastes like home. I know I sound dramatic but I straight up had a Ratatouille experience when Anton Ego went back to being a little kid. Spurs themed fruit flavors are great, but Sopapilla Ice Cream tastes like San Antonio. This Ice Cream gets a 210/10.


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