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Top 5 Texas Scents

Spring has sprung which for Texans means cool weather, Bluebonnets, BBQ's and some unique Texas scents. Walking onto campus and smelling the sweet, sweet scent of the newly bloomed Mountain Laurel got me thinking, what are my favorite Texas scents? So I gave it a little thought and without further ado, I present to you my Top 5 favorite Texas scents.

5. Mexican food in the morning

It's a beautiful Saturday morning, and you've just walked into your favorite Mexican restaurant. As you walk to your table your mouth waters as your nose picks up the scent of refried beans, huevos rancheros, bacon, homemade tortillas, fresh salsa etc...

4. Leather Boots

Getting a new pair of boots is enough of a reward in its self but when you finally walk into the store, your nostrils get the added treat of the distinct scent of leather that permeates throughout the entire building.

Also R.I.P. the Sheplers store.

3. Bon Fires

The smell of a small bonfire that you, your family and your friends surround as y'all roast s'mores in your backyard or while camping is a great smell. However this isn't what I'm talking about.

Picture this:

It's a cool summer day and we're just coming off a few good rains from the past week or two. Rains that were recent enough to maintain that lingering undertone of petrichor (aka the smell you get when it's about to rain) in the air, yet not so recent as to cause high levels of humidity and mugginess. These recent rains were sufficient enough to allow for the lift of the local burn ban in your area and people are itching to take advantage of this. They clear out trees and brush on their land, throw them in a pile, and get a good ole bon fire going. Meanwhile, you're driving down the road, windows down, enjoying the nice weather. Your nose has just finished getting rid of the scent of the skunk you had passed 2 miles back down the road when suddenly and yet subtly, the aroma of the petrichor laden trees and brush which had the misfortune of being chosen as bonfire fuel enters your nostrils, coming from somewhere you can't even begin to determine. The scent is broken up by the same wind which brought it and continues to do it's undulating dance with your olfactory senses until just as suddenly as it arrived, it disappears.

That my friends, is what I'm talking about.

2. Texas BBQ

Let me begin by saying that I mean TEXAS BBQ, not just any old bbq and yes theres a difference. The smell of Texas bbq is uniquely composed of a blend of the smell of cooking meat seasoned with local spice mixes/rubs being cooked by flaming chunks of post oak which all coalesce to form one of the most sublime olfactory experiences in existence.

1. Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel is by far my favorite Texas scent to exist. Its sweet aroma transcends smell to become something more. Its pollen is a vessel in which some of my fondest memories live. Memories that are unlocked when its scent graces my nostrils and activates the firing of neurons which convert my mind into a theater projecting some of my fondest memories. This mountain laurel theater has many great showings but my favorite is the memory of me vigorously rubbing the plants bright red seed along the sidewalk as I prepare to press it against my unsuspecting victim.

What are your favorite Texas scents? Comment and let me know! I look forward to hearing y'all's picks.



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