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BREAKING: A Very Important UTSA Artifact Has Gone Missing

UTSA has slowly been doing renovations to the Student Union to make it look more modern and up to date. Most of these renovations have been nice, especially the new meeting/study rooms on the second floor. However, there is one thing they did that is inexcusable.

If you have ever been doing homework on the second floor of the Student Union, and you just happened to have looked around, you may have noticed a random chandelier hanging near the right entrance of the Retama. It wasn't big at all, and if you never really looked up you may have not seen it, but it was there. I have no worldly idea of why it was there. There was only one and it wasn't centered with anything and didn't match anything else in the SU. But with the recent renovations, they seem to have taken it down.

The thing is, I have no proof of this thing even existing. No personal pictures, no Google pictures, nothing. I have no idea why it was there and I have no idea where it went, but it was there, trust me. Or don't. I don't even know if it was real or not anymore. Did I dream it? Did the years of consuming Aramark food catch up to me? Did the asbestos in the walls of the Historic Convocation Center finally get to me? I can't even trust myself anymore.



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